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  • Item # 866003512

    Printer, Scale IDS152; Multi-Functi

    Printer, Scale IDS152; Multi-Function Printer is unique in the scale industry. With a simple change of a switch setting, this can be transformed from a slave printer to an intelligent printer. Discontinued from factory

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  • Item # 866005275

    Magna-Patch MP-811; Reuseable Magne

    Magna-Patch MP-811; Reuseable Magnetically fastened Polyurethane Patch; Dimension - 10.75" x 10" (27 x 25 cm) - weight - 5 lbs (2 kg; comes with 2 replaceable abrasion resistant pads. Dimensions Adjustable 1/2 inch "Power Screw" (Power Screw is tightened

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  • Item # 866005459

    Serial Message Display Sign Specifi

    Serial Message Display Sign Specifically designed for industry; Can upgrade to Windows-Based Software

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  • Item # 866008444

    ITT Heat Exchanger Model BCF BC-5-

    ITT Heat Exchanger Model BCF BC-5-030-05-024-006 2 ft length, 6" dia. Shell: 300psi 300deg F Tube: 150psi 300deg F

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  • Item # 866007394

    I Beam, Metal, green 2 pieces ~25"

    I Beam, Metal, green 2 pieces ~25" long 6" w/ channel for extra support

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